Bushta & Company is dedicated to the belief that clients of the Firm and indeed, our community and businesses deserve the highest quality service from the most capable accounting, audit and tax professionals who are committed to addressing the unique and specialized needs that the public faces and to adding genuine value to professional services beyond the traditional level through an insightful, expert, dynamic and experienced approach. Partner involvement with our clients is unsurpassed.


Exceptional commitment to the public sector.. Our clientele consists of a diversified cross- section of School Districts, not-for-profits and governmental entities, principally in eastern Pennsylvania. As a Boutique Firm, specializing solely in Audits of Governmental entities, You may expect full and direct service from a consummate expert. Not only for the routine audit work, but to address the questions and concerns of those charged with governance. Perhaps, the greatest benefit afforded to our clients.


Bushta & Company is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). As a member of this organization, the practice is required to document and demonstrate that it strictly complies with the professional ethics and quality control standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Every three years a panel of outside accountants will review the firm’s practices, policies and procedures to determine the firm’s compliance with these standards. The Firm continues to earn an unmodified peer review report. In addition to the AICPA, Bushta & Company is a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). Todd also is a Qualified peer reviewer, performing peer reviews of member firms through the Commonwealth.


Todd is highly specialized, possessing a profound expertise is the hallmark of the Firm. Todd J Bushta understanding of the areas which the firms portfolios focus on. The combined strength of their expertise is simply superb, uniquely benefiting all of the clients of the Firm and indeed, the public, individuals they represent.

Why us?

Todd J Bushta, CPA graduated with honors from East Stroudsburg University with a B.S. in Accounting and a B.A. in Economics. He immediately dedicated himself to public service and accepted a post as County Fiscal Operations Officer for the Carbon-Monroe-Pike County Joinder (a quasi-governmental human services organization). Having served several years in that capacity, he was invited to accept an appointment as Deputy Controller for Monroe County. It was there, where he developed his mission of being a dynamic, insightful and expert public sector professional and forged his vision, insisting that Governmental and Not-For-Profit organizations deserve the highest quality services from the most capable professionals and to direct these efforts to the benefit of the public sector. He later joined a large regional firm of CPA's in the Lehigh Valley where he offered his unique approach of adding genuine value to professional services beyond the traditional level. Todd managed the firm's governmental & non-profit services portfolio for six years, when he came to the realization that the "large firm" approach to servicing the unique and specialized requirements of the public sector organizations was incongruent with the vision and mission he formed years ago. In September of 2002, The Firm was formed to steadfastly hold true to the vision and mission which not only benefits the clients of the practice, but through their efforts, benefits the public they represent.

Todd offers local specialized expertise as Partner in a local Firm with a uniquely national footprint that is always at the ready to serve our clients and community